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Do you want to be an entrepreneur?

Our professional team are always ready to get your project started.

Danny S. Chawla

Project manager

“With great passion within management and administration, our team leader is ready to welcome your project. He is there to secure that your project is being handled correct, in terms of planning and organizing your new company, from scratch. He is always ready to determine your goal all the way in an ordinary way.”

Karina Kellmann


“An educated web-integrator which after the educations worked with website development, e-shop and marketing, where i have been developing alot of greater Magento webshops and WordPress websites. It has always been important for me to keep delevopment proejcts simple for the customer, and that the end result i deliver has a great value for the customer.”


We would like to help you as an new entrepreneur. We have therefore established a cooperation
with different entrepreneurs, whom each have their core area. With our skilled cooperation partners,
you will get the opportunity to strength your company even more.

Finn Erik Rasmussen

Mette Weber
Mentor for entreprenuers

Astrid Scheel Meyer

Peter Larsen
Video Producer

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