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Customize your package

Fully customize your website package after your personal desire, needs and budget. You simply add or remove the functions you would like. Send your package and await our answer!



As soon as you've sent your package, you will be contacted by our project manager, who will become your contact person throughout the whole project. To begin with there will be focus on your concept and expectations to your project. The dialog depends on the agreement you make with our project manager.


The process

Together we will create a summary for the project. When everything is decided and accepted, we will initiate the work. The dialog will continue throughout the whole project, if nessasary.



Once the work is completed the project is done and you can continue your adventure!


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A cooperation with Webin means an easier startup

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A cooperation with Webin means an easier startup. As an entrepreneur you probally need a complete solution. Solutions which can attract customers to your company. 
We will make sure that your webshop is user friendly and that your website targets the right audience. We will help you with hosting of your website, graphic design, logo, and with texts for website and products.

Are you a student whom have a great passion for your next project? A newly started company? Maybe you are already an experienced entrepreneur? We help everyone, whom need help to their entrepreneur adventure.

Get a service agreement for your ongoing or upcoming project

Make it easier for yourself with a service agreement. Do you need a caring hand for your website, webshop, blog or graphical content?
Then let us take care of it, so you can focus on what you do best.





Website service agreement

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Customize your own package

Website design
Sociala media

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Website design

Teknologi Hjemmeside Teknologi Kontrol Panel
Teknologi Shop Teknologi Betalingsgateway
Teknologi Webhotel Teknologi Domæne


Design Responsiv Design Visitkort Design Brochure


Marked SEO Marked Tekst Marked Adwords Marked Facebook Marked Nyhed Marked Google Analytics

Would you like to send us your customized package?

If you have decided which package you want, then fill in the form below, and lets start a dialog. It's 100% noncommittal.


Social media

Responsive design
The presence on social media is a must nowadays! We know the importance of branding on social media, therefore we help you connect your company to the social media. We make sure to match your company with a social media that will suit your business. Let’s help your customers, to connect with you.


It's important that your texts for your website catches your audience, so that you can gain more customers. Even though you know how you want to communicate towards your audience, it can be difficult to get it displayed correctly. Let our author write your texts which sells, informs and inspire - or get counselling about marketing and tips for writing texts.


Social media
We offer you the opportunity of website maintenance. We will update the website frequently with new information, products for your webshop or what else you could desire. You will save alot of time and energy, which you can use to focus on your company.

Search Engine Optimization

We make sure that your customers will find you when they do a Google search. We do that by search engine optimize your website, while we develop it. We make sure that the required SEO is done, so when you launch you are of for a good start and have a decent ranking on Google. We can always add extra search engine optimization in by using Google Adwords.

Grade A hosting

Hosting i topklasse
Hosting is one of the most important key points of the startup in an entrepreneur company. We’ve made sure to make it more manageable to chose hosting. We maintain your hosting, so you don’t need to worry about your website or webshop being shut down. Hosting is often seen by many as being a minor thought, but it plays a substantial part in having an online platform.

Responsive design

Your website is viewed on different devices on a daily basis, this includes smartphones, tablets and different computers. Therefore it’s important to keep your website optimized, to make sure that the design is responsive. We make sure that the development of your website or webshop have responsive design, so you won’t lose potential customers if there are minor visual errors on the site.

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