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Collaboration partners

When we offer you a package deal our values about quality and fair costs is also a part of the package. We have chosen to cooperate with cHosting, Billy, Salary and YourPay. All carefully chosen partners, which gives you the best solutions for you as an entrepreneur. These partners are there to help you get the best startup for your company.


With a grade a server you will be guranteed a website which meets the expectation with high loading speed of your website. You will get a domain and hosting and several gigabytes when you use our partner cHosting. Besides that you will receive monthly savings on hosting, if you use our coupon code. You will get the coupon code, once you buy your website or webshop.


When it comes to accounting this is very time consuming during your startup phase. Therefore we want you to feel safe condifent at what you’re doing. You will get  a solid foundation when you sign up for an easy and user friendly accounting system as Billy. With Billy you will receive help with your accounting through their customer support. This means that you will have more time and energy for your business. If you chose Billy through us, your first 3 months of the membership will be free.


Payment of wages is a big part of your company. Therefore it’s amazing when this is made easy for you.
We made sure that you can get a good experience when paying wages for your colleagues. If you chose our partner Salary, you will receive 3 months of premium membership for free. ‘


If you own a webshop, it’s crucial that you have a decent payment gateway. With a simple payment solution from our supplier, which has focus on fraud and scams online. We have established a cooperation with YourPay since we want you as an entrepreneur to have great support with your payment gateway.  Sign up today and save percentages on your next transaction.

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