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Blog service agreement

As a blogger you probally use most of your time on writing, which is why it can be difficult to update a website aswell.
Why dont you leave all that to us, and we will take care of updating, administer the development and maintenance,
So you can focus on what matters for you. We would like to help you maintaining your blog.

The service agreement includes copywriting with focus on SEO, setup of newsletters and texts for these
examination of current blog posts, adding pictures and much more.

Blog service agreement

This blog service agreement is ideal for you whom need help with sparring about your blog. By choosing the service agreement you will be put to work with our copywriter. Thereby you will always have someone you can spar with on a daily basis.

By choosing the blog servuce agreement you will as a minimum receive the below, there is an opportunity to expand the service agreement after your needs.

  • Update of plugins and themes
  • Adding pictures
  • Optimizing pictures
  • Blog creation in WordPress
  • Setup of SEO on blog posts
  • Examination of current blog posts
  • Creation of texts
  • Newsletters
  • Monthly report with statistics

Would you like to start your blog service agreement today?

Have you decided which service agreement, you would like then fill in the contact form below and lets start a dialog. It’s 100% noncommittal.

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